Who we are
We’re a passionate team dedicated to quality and safety who create glass materials that help shape the environment around us. While the first use of glass dates back ages, it has never been more relevant today. Working closely with our clients, we innovate new glass materials that fit a variety of applications. We believe glass is the material of this era. Glassworks Industry delivers cutting-edge designs and quality that will drive us further into a modernized world.

Our Mission
Our mission is to provide quality glass at competitive prices while respecting the specifications of our clients’ design. Partnering with shipping companies to help keep shipping costs down. We hand crate and carefully package each piece of glass, ensuring a fast and safe delivery to any destination in the world.

Our Clients
We are a global company, catering glass beyond borders.

Our Products
All materials and glassworks can be tailored to your design and specifications.

  • Thicknesses:
    • 3mm – 19mm (unless specified in description)
  • Max Sizes:
    • High Gloss Polish: 2500mm x 2500mm
    • Silkscreen Paint: 1600mm x 2500mm
    • Temper: 2400mm x 2500mm
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